Custom Wheel Adapters & Wheels for Honda 5000 Series Tractors

Custom wheel adapter mounted on a Honda H5518 (click the picture for a larger view):

This adapter converts the Honda's very unusual 4.75" bolt pattern to a very common 4" bolt pattern. Now you can choose from many, many aftermarket steel or alloy wheels, including many ATV wheels. With a much larger choice of wheels, there is a huge choice of tire combinations (but PLEASE read the "Notes about Tire Size and Four Wheel Drive" here).

Using these wheel adapters you can do this to your Honda tractor (click on the picture for a larger view):

Note that high quality wheel adapters exactly like these are often used on custom cars, street rods, light trucks, and ATVs: they are a well-proven solution to a common problem.

Charles Bush makes these adapters and can make custom wheel sets. Call him directly at 1-830-996-3463 or email him at:

You can view / download his adapter brochure as a PDF by clicking here. The brochure includes wheel adapter pictures and specs, price, plus info about turf, lug, and ATV wheel and tire combos that Charles recommends.

NEW!  March, 2008   Charles Bush can fabricate custom wheels for Honda tractors. Download his wheel brochure as a PDF by clicking here. The brochure pictures wheels that allow the use of ATV dirt tires on Honda tractors without the need for wheel adapters.

As always, please note: I have no business relationship or financial interest
of any kind whatsoever with the production of these adapters and wheels...
but I am very impressed with the product and thankful for Charles' work!

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