1997 Honda H5013 Running Gear

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Original Ohtsu tire
and 12x5 wheel.

Original Ohtsu tire
and 14x6 wheel.

Ohtsu "GreenGrip"
tread pattern.

Lugnuts are 12mm x 1.5

Front carrier hub:
studs are on a 120mm (~4.75") circle.
Central boss is 80mm (~3.125") in diameter.

Front carrier hub:
studs are ~20mm long.

Even at full lock, front clearance with the stock tire/wheel is not an issue: the top of the tire is below the crank arm & the footrest.

Rear clearance with stock tire/wheel is tight:
1.25" between the tire and the upper control arm.

Home made wheel weight on front wheel:
the weight bolts thru existing holes in stock wheel
(bolts removed in this pic).

Back of home made wheel weight.

Edge of home made wheel weight:
four 1/2" steel plates.

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